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Skates, figurines, jewelry, costumes, etc

All Sorts of items the skater or rink operator may want or need

After 26 years of operating the SKATERY, a small roller rink near Pillow, PA, we sold our business in April of  2014.

We’re now offering some items from the rink, plus other new & used things skaters and/or rink operators may  need.

For many years, I collected roller skating figurines & other decorative items, but when it came time to bring them home, I found limited space for them. I’m keeping those that were gifts and selling almost all the others.

After a while, you’ll also find skating jewelry, good used skates, skate parts, new skating skirts & costumes for adults and children … plus miscellaneous items of rink equipment.

The listings are not complete at this point, so if there is anything you need or want, please call (570-SK8-8359) or e-mail me … I just may have it.

I have tested this site in 2 browsers. Some of the pages load slowly because the images on them may be more cumbersome. If you experience problems, please let me know ASAP, so I can fix it … call 570-SK8-8359 or e-mail

Unless otherwise noted, there is only ONE of each item. All are subject to prior sale. I will remove sold items as quickly as possible, however, please call or e-mail me to assure that your item is still available.

How to buy …

  1. Contact me to see if  your item is still available
  2. Give me your address
  3. I’ll get back to you with a total, including shipping cost
  4. You pay by PayPal or send a money order
  5. I ship by USPS on the Thursday or Friday after payment is confirmed.
  6. I e-mail you when it is shipped
  7. Please let me know when your package is safely received.

QUESTIONS … I’ll be as clear as possible on size & descriptions,  However, if you need to know more, please contact me at 570-SK8-8359 or e-mail

NOTE: I have sold on Ebay for a number of years. You can check my reliability there … my username is: Justplaindad. (Justplainmom was already taken)


The SKATERY, Pillow, Pa



Roberta Molaro

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